It’s a dog’s life at Generator Power Systems

The most popular members of the Generator Power Systems team walk on all fours. Blaze and Tex, a pair of Labrador Retrievers lounge in the lobby waiting to make new friends out of visiting customers. Collectively, they’re known as, “The boys.”

“Their personalities are as different as their color,” says Yvonne Fish. “Tex is the one everyone goes to. Blaze, on the other hand, is the grumpy grandpa.”

Fair enough. Blaze was there first. He’s eight years old and wasn’t sure what to make of Tex when he first came on the scene. At four, Tex still has a heapin’ helping of puppy in him. Don’t let his larger size put you off, he’s the lover of this duo.

Elbow nudges

Neither of the boys is the least bit shy about seeking affection. Just ask anyone who works in the office.

“You’ll be working at your computer,” Yvonne says. “Then, you’ll feel a little nudge to your elbow where one of the boys is poking with his nose to get your attention. How can you help but give them some love.”

Don’t worry about cutting them short, either. If they don’t get enough lovin’, they’ll just nudge your elbow for more.

Catching the bus

You’ll find them both “hard at work” around the office every day. Unless one of them misses the bus, also known as Jim’s truck.
Blaze and Tex catch a ride to work with Jim, who’s known for keeping an on-time schedule. If one of the boys goes wandering when it’s time for Jim to pull out, he gets left behind.

Since they love meeting customers and soaking up staff affection, they seldom miss their ride.

Loyal customers, loyal fans

Blaze and Tex have their loyal followers. Jim says there are customers who won’t talk business before getting updated on the boys.

“I tell people when they interview to work here,” Yvonne says. “If you don’t like dogs, you won’t like it here. Better to know that up front.”

That’s where you’ll usually find the boys, up front in the lobby waiting to meet you.

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