As temps go up, will our power go down?

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It’s already begun: high temperatures and wild weather have millions without power from Indiana through the mid-Altantic. According to Accu-Weather, there’s no relief in sight and the violet thunderstorm complex, known as a super derecho, is only increasing the numbers without power. “Storms only amplify the fragile nature of our power grid,” says Yvonne Fish. […]

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Who’s got your back-up’s back?

Nobody knows when bad weather will strike, nor when your power will go out. That was the case for hundreds of thousands of Houstonians who recently lost power recently due to fast-moving storms. Now, consider this: when needed, about a third of standby generators will fail—usually for reasons that could have been easily handled if […]

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The biggest generator buying mistake is expensive and avoidable

What’s the most common generator buying mistake? Not getting enough generator. We’ve seen it many times, when budget determines generator size instead of an NEC approved load calculation. Our new free eBook, “10 Most Common Generator Buying Mistakes and How To Avoid Them,” explains why you cannot stretch generator capacity. In fact, trying to do […]

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The Golf Channel’s Big Break taps Shannon

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When the Golf Channel’s “Big Break” series returns May 14 the all-female cast will include our daughter, Shannon Fish. We couldn’t be prouder of her. “Big Break Atlantis,” the series’ 17th season, (premiering May 14 at 8 p.m. CT) gives talented golfers a chance at taking the next step in their golf careers. Shot on […]

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Size does matter where reliable standby power solutions are concerned

Once you decide to add the convenience of standby power to your home the next consideration is how much of your home will be served. Selecting the right generator is a matter of matching your estimated demand to a generator of adequate size to provide the needed power. That’s why sizing a generator can be a […]

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